Friday, June 12, 2015

Midwinter Christmas Crafting- Rolled Paper Tree

Welcome to the second feature for my Midwinter Christmas Crafting series!

This week I am sharing a cute home decor option that you can easily customise to match your home and furnishings.

To start off, you need a 6x6 canvas. Close To My Heart has a 6x6 Canvas that is perfect for this project.

This is the fun part- choose 8 different papers that you would like to use for your tree. Remember that CTMH papers are double sided so you can get two patterns out of one piece. Cut these pieces into 12" x 4.5", going down in half inch increments to cut pieces at 12" x 4", 12" x 3.5", 12" x 3" etc all the way down to 1".

Taking each piece, add a strong adhesive to the start of the side you want to show and then roll it away from you. Using a pen or knitting needle to roll will help to get the pieces even. Secure each rolled piece with sticky strip or other strong adhesive.

Keep rolling your pieces- they should start to form a tree shape.

Once you are ready to assemble your tree, secure each rolled piece to the canvas with Liquid Glass. Also place some of the Liquid Glass along the side of each piece so that the rolled papers stick together where they meet. This way, you will get a nice, tight rolled look.

Keep gluing until you have placed all your rolled pieces of paper on the canvas in a tree shape.

Decorate as desired.

There you have it- your very own paper Christmas Tree Canvas! These look great with any variety of colours, and you can mix and matched patterned papers to suit.

CTMH supplies used:
Canvas: My Creations 6x6 Canvas Display
Embellishments: Red Enamel Hearts, Silver Sequins Assortment
Paper Packets: Frosted, Snowhaven, Sparkle and Shine
Tools: Liquid Glass

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